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Dom.OS is “a series of smart tools” that will be able to orchestrate the flow of operations from the moment an order is placed until it goes out for delivery,.

Domino’s is launching a proprietary operating system, new website, app and more

Domino’s announced Dom.OS — a collection of smart tools to improve operations — alongside other tech overhauls for 2024 during Domino’s Investor Day

Domino’s Pizza is leaning into its technology-centric roots in 2024, as the company announced the launch of a proprietary operating system, as well as an overhauled website and app, at its annual investor day on Thursday.

Dom.OS is “a series of smart tools” that will be able to orchestrate the flow of operations from the moment an order is placed until it goes out for delivery, “keeping one eye on the customer, and one eye on the store operations,” Kelly Garcia, chief technology officer of Domino’s said during Thursday’s investor day presentation. For employee-facing tech, Domino’s will also be beta testing a new labor tool next year that will, alongside another forecasting tool the company already has, be able to provide better schedules and flexibility for the pizza company’s employees.

“Tech will drive efficiency and make it easier and more enjoyable for team members,” Garcia said.

On the consumer end, Garcia said that Domino’s is working on several tech upgrades to improve the customer’s digital experience, including an app and website overhaul to have a more modern look, be streamlined for navigation, and optimized for both delivery and carryout, especially as carryout increasingly becomes a cornerstone of the Domino’s business. Garcia said that various elements of the new digital experience will roll out over time over the next year, ending with the new website launching by Q4 of 2024.

Another key aspect of Domino’s tech improvements in 2024 is the previously announced partnership with Microsoft, which will use generative AI to change the ordering process with the creation of a personal pizza ordering assistant –a feature that is expected to beta test in 2024. Garcia said the experience will be “more human-like,” and will be able to make the process of fulfilling orders easier, including generating images of your full order before you place it.

Through AI, the goal is to make the Domino’s pizza marketing and ordering process hyper-personalized, so that different customers can have access to dynamic pricing, offers, and rewards that will be personalized at an individual level.

“What I find delicious is not necessarily what you will find delicious,” Garcia said. “We have an opportunity to provide deeper levels of personalization and ultimately drive frequency and optimize lifetime customer value… We’re excited to start this journey of going deeper into personalization in 2024.”

Besides new technology, here are some more highlights from Domino’s Investor Day:

  • 2024 strategy: Domino’s announced the creation of the “hungry for more” strategy for 2024, which includes marketing and menu innovation (with at least two new menu items annually), operational excellence, and a focus on value and franchisees
  • Revised outlook: Over the next five years, Domino’s plans to hit $7 billion in global retail sales, open 5,500 net stores (with a long-term potential of 8,500) and have an operating income of $400 million
  • Rewards program overhaul: The goal is to add more reward levers and have less minimum spend to reactivate more rewards members
  •  New equipment: New ovens are going into new stores and corporate stores first – these ovens will make pizzas faster and be less expensive than previous models

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