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According to International Franchise Association, franchise output is projected to grow by 16.4% and contribute a total of $780 billion to the US economy this year.

Bee Healthy Cafe announces first franchisee; expands opportunities to Texas

Today, Bee Healthy Cafe, a quick serve, health-forward restaurant chain, announced that its first franchise deal has been signed after launching the rebrand and new growth plan in October of this year. This is a multi-unit deal, signed with unit manager-turned-franchisee, Kharissa Edmond.  

At the same time that the Bee Healthy Cafe team is announcing this sale, they are also announcing franchise opportunities in Texas, making the expansion available in 28 states, plus the District of Columbia. The Bee Healthy Cafe ideal franchise partner is someone who shares the company’s passion for health and wellness, and who wants to serve others seeking a healthy experience.  

“We choose to grow by franchising because we believe that owner-operators run businesses differently than employees of corporate-managed locations. Our goal is to put owners who are passionate about our mission of making it easy to be healthy, directly in touch with the guest,” said Cody Pepper, CEO of Bee Healthy Cafe. “Kharissa embodies our corporate values of humanity, humility and hunger and we are thrilled to have her as our first franchise partner.”  

According to International Franchise Association, franchise output is projected to grow by 16.4% and contribute a total of $780 billion to the US economy this year. The SBA reports an increase in the number of entrepreneurs opening franchises—especially women.  

The company’s happy, healthy and wealthy mantra for growth lays a clear path for the franchisees they hope to attract. Happy, for their ability to create a positive work environment where people feel uplifted and respected; healthy meaning they’re aligned with the company’s mission of making it easy to be healthy, and wealthy for the desire to run a wildly successful business.  

"I have loved working for the Bee Healthy team, and I am looking forward to working alongside them now, as a franchisee,” said Kharissa Edmond, the first Bee Healthy Cafe multi-unit franchisee and former store manager. “They want franchisees who want to be happy, healthy and wealthy-and that's me!  This is the perfect opportunity to own and operate my own business while enjoying every bit of it. As a franchisee, I get to invest in my future, contribute to the health of my customers and bring my family along for the ride. I believe deeply in the corporate mission, and I am beyond excited for this next chapter." 

Bee Healthy Cafe has nine locations in Oklahoma, serving healthy bowls, wraps, sandwiches, salads, honey-sweetened smoothies, house-roasted espresso drinks, coffees and teas. As the chain continues expanding into major markets across the country, Bee Healthy Cafe is seeking corporate managers participating in the Great Resignation to train and onboard as franchisees, as well as current and former food service operators ready to branch out on their own.   

To learn more about Bee Healthy Cafe franchising opportunities, please visit 

About Bee Healthy Cafe  

Founded in 2007, Oklahoma City-based Bee Healthy Cafe is a franchise restaurant company with nine metro locations. Bee Healthy Cafe makes it easy to be healthy. How easy? As easy as one-two-three! Step 1: Choose what goes inside, from a variety of signature recipes like Mediterranean, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Pecan Chicken and more. Step 2: The outside, from wrap, to melt, to salad, quinoa bowl or sandwich. Step 3: On-the-side, with healthy sides at no additional cost. Bee Healthy Cafe values transparency and quality ingredients, making it an ideal choice for those with specific dietary preferences or food allergies. With more than 65 flavor combinations, Bee Healthy Cafe offers fresh and guiltless food that’s fast and affordable.   

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