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16 Handles apologizes for marketing gaffe

Yogurt chain says email blast playing off infamous Donald Trump video was callous

New York-based frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles on Thursday apologized for a marketing gaffe of its own this week when in an email blast it encouraged customers to, “Grab ‘em by the fro-yo.”

The marketing blast was a reference to an infamous video in which Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is recorded saying he makes sexual advances on women without their initial consent. 

“The 16 Handles team deeply regrets any unintended harm our recent e-blast has caused,” the company said in an email Thursday.

“We do not endorse any presidential candidates, nor their statements or actions. In an attempt to facetiously reference pop culture, we made a callous mistake. We apologize for the offense we have caused, and we would like to remind our customers that we oppose all forms of sexual abuse and harassment.”

The apology came the day after the company’s email blast, which included the subject line “We’re making fro-yo great again.” 

Customers quickly took the company to task on social media.

The company itself also apologized on Twitter.

16 Handles is based in New York and has 40 locations throughout the Northeast.

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