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2016 NRN Second 100 PDF


Smaller, perhaps mightier, and definitely eager to prove something, the fastest-growing Second 100 chains are poised to leave a large footprint on the restaurant industry, however small they are today. As opposed to many of the mature, billion-dollar brands in the Top 100 report, Second 100 concepts range in size from $414 million to $161 million in total U.S. systemwide sales. The highest number of units from any Second 100 brand is below the 1,000 mark, at 926 locations.

The NRN Second 100 report identifies the restaurant chains and companies ranked 101-200 via U.S. systemwide sales, corporate revenue, number of units and year-to-year growth. With three years of data covering sales, unit counts, estimated sales per unit, market share, and more, the report outlines industry growth trends, and provides a deep dive into industry segments, from sandwich chains to upscale casual dining concepts. It is a must have resource for all foodservice executives.

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