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Chefs party before James Beard Awards

Chefs gather to eat, drink and socialize before Monday night’s awards gala

Latest coverage: The James Beard Foundation Awards were in full swing Monday night at a black-tie affair Monday in New York City.

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Before the show, chefs and members of the food media from across the country descended on New York City in anticipation of the for the James Beard Foundation Awards Monday night.

Before that, however, attendees blew off some steam at the annual Chefs Night Out on Sunday.







Beginning at 10 p.m., as local chefs were winding down from their dinner shifts, Chelsea Market opened its doors and partygoers sampled local fare, including clam chowder and lobster bisque, cookies and gelato and at least three varieties of pork, not to mention sheep brain served out of actual sheep heads.

But Chefs Night Out is less about food and more about old friends meeting up and socializing before Monday’s big black tie gala at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall.

See photos from Sunday’s event.

Visit Tuesday for coverage of the James Beard Awards, including all the winners. In the meantime, check out senior food editor Bret Thorn’s predictions for which restaurants and chefs will be taking home awards.

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