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Stephan Pyles on pulling back from restaurant operations after 36 years and pursuing his passions

Texas culinary pioneer talks about what’s next in this Nation’s Restaurant News Extra Serving podcast

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At the start of the year, chef Stephan Pyles closed his fine-dining Flora Street Café and boutique prix-fixe Fauna in Dallas and retired from nearly 40 years of restaurant ownership and operations.

“I am proud to have hosted countless first dates, engagements, birthdays and anniversaries in 24 restaurants over those years,” Pyles said in a Facebook farewell post. “The letters and emails I have received from so many of those folks, thanking me for such special memories, has been emotional and heart-warming.”

Starting with Routh Street Café in Dallas in 1983, Pyles went on to open such restaurants as Baby Routh, Star Canyon, AquaKnox, Samar, Stampede 66 and Stephan Pyles and work with national multi-unit restaurant companies.

Pyles said he would now focus on hospitality consulting, license agreements and leaving culinary tour groups.

In this Extra Serving podcast, Pyles outlines what led to his decision to retire from restaurant operations and how he plans to pursue his passions.

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