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The Power List
The Power List 2019: The 50 most influential people in foodservice In-N-Out Burger

The Power List 2019: Lynsi Snyder

Staying the course

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Lynsi Snyder, president and owner, In-N-Out Burger 

In-N-Out Burger may be famous for its secret menu items, but there’s no mystery about what the future of the perpetually popular burger chain holds under president and owner Lynsi Snyder.

In a rare media interview after earning a spot on the 2018 Forbes 400 list of America’s wealthiest residents, Snyder said she remains committed to the principles that have driven In-N-Out’s success for the past seven decades.

“I felt a deep call to make sure that I preserve those things that [my family] would want,” Snyder told Forbes magazine. “That we didn’t ever look to the left and the right to see what everyone else is doing, cut corners or change things drastically or compromise.”

Quality and freshness are at the core of In-N-Out’s cult-like following.

The Irvine, Calif.-based chain ranked No. 1 for taste and for “best in class” burger in NRN’s 2018 Consumer Picks survey. And last June the company temporarily shuttered all of its locations in Texas when it discovered that a shipment of buns did not meet its quality standards.

Snyder is spearheading a strategy of carefully considered expansion at the 342-unit chain. The chain has entered new markets slowly over the years because new locations must be within one day’s drive of one of its meat processing plants.

Snyder is planning to bring In-N-Out’s crave-ability to Colorado, probably in 2020, and from there the brand could seek to expand to New Mexico, according to a Forbes report. 

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