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Katina & Kyle Connaughton SingleThread

The Power List 2018: Katina and Kyle Connaughton

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The Experience Makers

Kyle and Katina Connaughton are responsible for bringing to life one of the buzziest restaurants in the country. The meticulously planned SingleThread in Healdsburg, Calif., is quite literally rooted in the farm-to-table ethos, with most of the ingredients supplied by the farm Katina runs. Connaughton’s cuisine is heavily influenced by Japan — the Connaughtons lived there for several years — and the concept of omotenashi, or hospitality that treats guests like close friends.

Known for: SingleThread is best known for being exquisite in all aspects, from the ingredients, to the care with which dishes are created, to the selection of handcrafted Japanese donabe ceramics. Of course, this comes at a price: The nightly tasting menu costs guests $295, with an additional cost for wine pairings.

Power move: Connaughton uses technology to achieve a precise dining flow. For instance, a video feed and the communications platform Slack track the pacing of meals, dining room lights adjust to the course progression and directional speakers create atmosphere.

What’s next: Unlike many restaurants, which take time to find their stride, SingleThread burst onto the scene fully formed. Expect Connaughton to continue to find ways to delight guests and elevate the level of service expected in fine-dining establishments across the country.

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