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The Power List
Noah Glass Olo

The Power List 2018: Noah Glass

The annual NRN Power List is the definitive list of people setting foodservice trends today and shaping them for tomorrow. See the full list >> 

The Integrator

Online ordering and delivery are no longer optional for restaurant operators — they’re mandatory. Olo, founded by Noah Glass in 2005, is now at the forefront of making the implementation of these services as smooth as possible. The company’s two platforms, Rails and Dispatch, are designed to support operators’ digital ordering and delivery efforts.

Known for: Glass’ company has emerged as a key player in a crowded market as many brands rush to develop and execute their digital ordering and delivery strategies. Major players like Chipotle Mexican Grill, Five Guys, IHOP and Which Wich, are among Olo’s customers.

Power move: In 2017, Olo partnered with digital retail behemoth Amazon in an effort to streamline digital ordering. Amazon Restaurants integrated Olo’s Rails API, which lets restaurants list their menus on third-party delivery sites. The move will let Olo restaurant customers seamlessly integrate with Amazon Restaurants.

What’s next: Glass preaches the gospel of delivery: From his perspective, all restaurants should deliver, no matter the segment. Expect Glass and Olo to continue making new delivery converts.

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