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The NRN Power List: A preview

Get excited for the launch next week with a look at the cover here


Every year, Nation’s Restaurant News names the 50 most powerful people in foodservice in our annual Power List.

This year, we’re featuring 50 people – from owners to chefs to executives – who are pushing the industry forward. We spoke with each of them about their big ideas for workforce, sustainability, technology and more.

Christine Hasircoglu and Bryce Fluellen of Everytable, who work to put the historically disempowered into positions of power in the industry, are two of this year’s Power Listers and our cover stars. Hear from them in the above video and come back for more next week.

Dive deep with Hasircoglu, Fluellen, and the 48 other industry stars on the Power List next week here on We’ll have full profiles on all 50, plus video and podcast interviews over the coming weeks.

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