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The Power List

Nation’s Restaurant News spotlights best in restaurant leadership

It’s a new year, and despite the rocky start of the first few weeks — what with pandemic numbers continuing to break records, insurrection and a restaurant industry struggling to survive — there is optimism for better days ahead.

Because the industry has been tested like never before, we are focusing our annual Power List on a special group of restaurant leaders.

This year, we looked at businesses that survived — even thrived — over the past year and saw a common thread of strong leadership and unshakeable company culture. We saw people who led their teams with transparency, who built trust, inspired innovation and demonstrated resilience.

But true leadership is never just about one person. It ripples throughout companies and the communities they serve.

So this year, we are adding a new element to the Power List: inclusion.

The 2021 Power List puts the spotlight on 25 restaurant leaders that have demonstrated qualities that have helped their organizations navigate the crisis. And, because one of those qualities is inclusion, we asked each of those leaders to point to a Power Player on their team who embodies the mission and values of their organization.

These Power Players represent the far-reaching effects of inclusive leadership and demonstrate the positive impact of building a culture of opportunity for all.

In this list, you’ll hear from both the Power List executives and the Power Players. And in February you’ll be able to watch video conversations with these powerful teams.

We hope you will be inspired.

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