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Rick Wilmer is CEO of Chowbotics.

Chowbotics CEO Rick Wilmer combines robotics with fresh food

Meet the technology innovators on Nation’s Restaurant News’ 2020 Power List

Automation looks to be the future of many industries, and customer service in restaurants is not immune from that trend. As the CEO of Chowbotics, Rick Wilmer is poised to lead the restaurant industry into the robot-filled future.

Chowbotics has a foodservice philosophy that combines robotics, automation, fresh ingredients and a wealth of data into Sally, the company’s proclaimed “fresh food robot” that serves customizable salads, bowls and snacks from a refrigerator-sized machine that resembles a vending machine. So far, Chowbotics has sold 184 Sally robots, with the 100th robot set to be deployed early this year.


Chowbotics founder Dr. Deepak Sekar brought Wilmer on board as CEO in October 2019 to head up the rollout of Sally the Robot to more markets, while Sekar works on research and development for future food automation machines. One of the strategies of Chowbotics is to add more fresh food options to places like hospitals and college campuses, where physical space is at a premium. Sally takes up minimal space and operates 24 hours a day.

Wilmer had held a number of C-suite roles at technology firms, with a focus on bringing electromechanical products to market. That experience should serve well as Wilmer and Chowbotics seek to bring fresh food into new spaces with the help of technology.

“I was immediately drawn to Chowbotics because of its phenomenal people, innovative product, impressive financial growth, and promising outlook for the future,” Wilmer said. “I am thrilled to be working at the forefront of making fresh, healthy and delicious food ubiquitously available through technology. It’s an honor to be part of this team as we navigate the company into this new chapter of expansion.”

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