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Calculating the ROI of green equipment

Data outline savings potential of an energy-efficient kitchen

Cost has long been a perceived barrier to the adoption of energy efficient equipment at restaurants. Though many pieces of equipment can pay for themselves within a few years and yield notable savings, they can deliver sticker shock initially. 

For example, one Energy Star-rated double-stack natural gas convection oven was priced more than $7,400 each, or about 58 percent more than a non-energy efficient natural gas convection oven of similar specs, which cost $4,699.  

But according to The California Energy Wise energy savings calculator, created in part by scientific testing facility Food Service Technology Center, that more costly oven would save a restaurateur $4,373 over the course of the equipment’s lifetime and would pay for itself in 1.9 years.

Incentives like state- and federal-level rebates can help offset the higher initial costs as well.

Here’s a look at the potential savings on select energy-efficient kitchen equipment, based on data from the California Energy Wise calculator.

Projected savings on select models of energy-efficient equipment:

  • Vulcan VC55GD gas convection oven: $364 in annual savings ($4,373 in lifetime savings)
  • Nieco JF143 gas conveyor broiler: $1,152 in annual savings ($18,143 in lifetime savings)
  • Henny Penny EEG-241 gas fryer: $615 in annual savings ($7,377 in lifetime savings)
  • Vulcan VCCG48 gas griddle: $310 in annual savings ($3,719 in lifetime savings)
  • Encore KLP50 pre-rinse spray valve: $229 in annual savings ($1,147 in lifetime savings)
  • Arctic Air F22CW energy-savings refrigerator: $144 in annual savings ($1,726 in lifetime savings)
  • Electrolux EHT8 Dishwasher: $1,146 and 29,3356 gallons of water saved annually ($17,184 in lifetime savings)

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