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Extra Serving: How customer preferences have shaped the design and menu at Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe’s Southwest Grill chief brand officer Alex Williams on the brand’s new brand refresh, upcoming store redesign and new menu items


Like many restaurants, Focus Brands-owned fast-casual Tex-Mex chain Moe’s Southwest Grill had to think fast to keep up with changing customer preferences and technological needs during the pandemic. From recently updating its app to improve the digital ordering experience, to creating a refreshed logo and rolling out a new store prototype, Moe’s has been focusing on accommodating the modern customer’s changing needs.

“It's all about convenience for guests today,” Moe’s chief brand officer Alex Williams said. “They're always in a hurry, they're always on the go. […] So, the more seamless we can make that transaction, using technology will make it easier for them to choose us.”

The latest project for Moe’s is creating the new to-go focused store prototype with a smaller footprint that will be rolling out soon. The design was created with nostalgia in mind as Millennials are now becoming parents and remember going to Moe’s when they were kids in the early ‘00s.

“I think the family experience plays a significant part of who we are,” Williams said. “And some of those guests were probably some of our first most guests at one point in time as well. […] The atmosphere that we're creating now with some of these new prototypes, I think will serve in a way that will play out who we are as a brand: fun, vibrant and exciting, and a place to get a great burrito bowl.”

For more insight from Williams on how Moe’s has updated their menu and design as a result of the pandemic, keep listening.

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