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Trending this week: Taco Bell opens first Hollywood Cantina

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This week on, the most popular story was an episode of Extra Serving in which editors discussed McDonald’s Famous Orders, Chipotle’s new concept and the future of robots and AI — plus, the episode featured an interview with Ray Kees, director of culinary at Krystal.

Also popular this week, a story about Taco Bell’s first Cantina in Hollywood, which opened with digital technology and DJ parties. The unit — the first in Los Angeles — opened inside a former Hollywood Golden Age bookstore on Hollywood Boulevard. Though the Cantinas have been around for nearly a decade, the brand is constantly looking to upgrade these urban stores aimed at younger customers.

Elsewhere, Chick-fil-A opened a “Brake Room” for NYC’s delivery drivers, Texas Roadhouse averaged the most guests in its history to start 2023, and we talked to Noah Glass about how restaurant QR does are evolving. Get all those stories and more in this gallery.

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