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Trending this week: Starbucks' community stores, Krystal declares bankruptcy, "How to" articles on workforce

What was the biggest story of the week? Krystal's bankruptcy. The burger chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with debts between $50 and $100 million on Sunday, just before the MLK holiday.

The rest of the trending news over the last week covers a wide variety of topics.

Starbucks partnered with United Way to plan on opening 100 new community stores in low-income neighborhoods by 2025. These stores are designed to give the local community jobs and career tracks while also showcasing local art. But, as NRN associate editor Joanna Fantozzi noted, "if [Starbucks is] opening or remodeling stores in economically underprivileged areas, will the community members be able to afford frequenting a Starbucks, where a latte costs $3.65 in disposable income?" Find out what Starbucks' community manager Baily Adkins had to say about these stores and their goals.

"How to" articles jumped to the top of the pack this week, including "How to tell if a potential hire is the right fit for your business" and "How to set up your restaurant team for success in 2020." See what two of our contributors had to say about these pressing workforce issues ahead.

Also, tried and true Menu Tracker creeped back into the top stories. It included new items from Dunkin', Chick-fil-A, Jack in the Box and more restaurants, and was compiled by Bret Thorn.

Click through to see what else your peers were reading on Nation's Restaurant News this week.

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