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Trending this week: KFC is launching wraps to attract younger consumers

This week on Nation's Restaurant News the top story was Cava confidentially files for IPO. The company acquired fellow Mediterranean concept Zoe’s Kitchen in 2018 and began converting those locations in new suburban markets to ramp up its national footprint. Cava currently operates about 330 restaurants in 24 states.

In other news, during McDonald’s Q4 earnings call earlier this week, executives noted that the chain is gaining market share in chicken. KFC may have an answer for that, today announcing the launch of its Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps. They’ll be available nationwide beginning Feb. 6.

The lineup includes the classic chicken wrap, with an extra crispy tender, pickles and mayo wrapped in a tortilla, and a spicy slaw chicken wrap, with an extra crispy tender, KFC’s signature coleslaw, spicy sauce and crispy pickles.

Also, welcome to the Chicken Showdown, the third showdown from Nation's Restaurant News. In this iteration, we are pitting nine chicken chains from all over the country against one another.

Check out the nine chicken chains above and vote for your favorite on our LinkedIn or Instagram pages. The winner will be announced on February 28.

See what else was trending on this week. 

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