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Trending this week: Georgia Chick-fil-A sued by transgender worker over homophobic comments, illegal firing

This week on Nation's Restaurant News, the top story was NRN editors discuss Amazon’s stake in Grubhub, Subway’s biggest menu overhaul ever. 

In other news, Aaron White was training as director of operations at a Decatur, Ga. Chick-fil-A when she was subjected to homophobic comments and sexual harassment that resulted in her termination, according to a lawsuit.

White, who identifies as a woman, alleges that on her first day of training, a fellow employee sexually harassed her with lewd and inappropriate comments. She then went to her shift leader who told her to bring the issue up with the franchise owner, Joe Engert. When White went to Engert and informed him she was transgender, “The Franchise Owner responded by saying that it should be an honor that with Plaintiff being a transgender woman that someone liked her enough to hit on her,” according to the suit.

Also, McDonald’s Corp. has agreed to buy out one of its longtime franchise groups, the Caspers Company of Tampa, Fla., the companies confirmed Tuesday.

Blake Casper and his brother-in-law, Robert “Robby” Adams, the third generation of the company that has operated McDonald’s since 1958, plan to retire after the sale of 60 restaurants in the Tampa and Jacksonville, Fla., markets on Oct. 1, the Chicago-based parent company said in a field office message viewed by Nation’s Restaurant News.

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