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Trending this week: Chipotle Mexican Grill is now offering to pay college tuition for employees and more on some states moving to restrict COVID 'vaccination passport' mandates

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A growing number of states have preemptively banned or restricted the requirement of proof of COVID-19 vaccination, or so-called vaccine passports. The vaccine passport – which could be digital, like a smartphone app — would show someone’s vaccination status and could potentially allow Americans to get a green light to participate in various activities like traveling nationally or internationally, attending crowded events like concerts and sports games, and even walking into businesses.

Biden administration officials have said the federal government will not be issuing a mandated vaccination credential. But officials left room for businesses and other entities to mandate proof of vaccination.

Chipotle Mexican Grill announced Thursday that the fast-casual chain would begin offering debt-free college degrees for employees in related fields, including agriculture, culinary, supply chain, and hospitality. 

Chipotle’s new program offers degrees in related fields like agriculture, culinary, and hospitality to employees that have worked for more than four months. 

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