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This is the first acquisition Inspire has made since it acquired Dunkin' in 2020.

Inspire Brands acquires delivery management software company Vromo

The Dunkin’ and Buffalo Wild Wings parent company recently purchased the technology vendor designed to make delivery channels more profitable

Dunkin’ and Buffalo Wild Wings parent company Inspire Brands has purchased delivery management software company, Vromo, for an undisclosed amount, a company spokesperson confirmed in an emailed statement.

This is the first company acquisition Inspire Brands has made since its record-breaking purchase of Dunkin’ Brands Group for $11.3 billion (or $106.50 a share) in Dec. 2020.

“Inspire Brands purchased Vromo, an online food delivery software designed to make delivery channels more profitable; Terms of the deal are not disclosed,” the Inspire Brands spokesperson said.

Vromo was founded in 2016 as food delivery service provider WeBring, before being rebranded as Vromo, and expanding its tech capabilities outside of just delivery solutions to more all-encompassing custom tech solutions for delivery-focused restaurant operators, including features like delivery order management, order dispatch, tracking, and analytics.

Restaurant company acquisitions of technology vendors are not atypical business moves within the foodservice industry. In fact, Yum Brands made three tech company purchases in 2021, including Israeli omnichannel ordering company, TicTuk Technologies, artificial intelligence consumer insights company, Kvantum, and Australian delivery management company Dragontail Systems.

For restaurant companies that have added tech vendors to their portfolios, the decision usually comes down to whether bringing this tech solution in house will provide a competitive advantage. In this case, the acquisition of Vromo could improve delivery logistics for Inspire Brands’ portfolio of companies.

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