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From the editor: Happy birthday, Nation’s Restaurant News

For 50 years you have kept the foodservice industry informed, educated and inspired.

For 50 years you have kept the foodservice industry informed, educated and inspired. Your team — the editors, publishers, event directors, audience managers, sales representatives and marketers — are nothing short of the best in the business. And always have been.

NRN, you have led business-to-business media by always focusing on quality journalism, dynamic events and digital innovation, and have been rewarded with numerous awards and accolades for those efforts. You have been the largest and most influential information source and industry partner for decades. And, by the way, you seem to be aging backward, as you look better and better each year, whether in the pages of this magazine, at MUFSO or through digital platforms.

Since 1966, many people have contributed to your success and leadership, including: Roger Friedman, James Dougherty, Tom Haas, Alan Gould and Randall Friedman, to name a few. Your editorial teams have been led by Michael Whiteman, Charles Bernstein, Rick Van Warner and Ellen Koteff. And NRN, your current editors boast a cumulative 223 years of restaurant industry knowledge, insight and expertise, including your most recent colleagues at Restaurant Hospitality and Food Management. Along the way, the team has had a lot of fun while doing great work.

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For this golden anniversary, I am privileged and proud to not only celebrate 50 years of NRN, but also to celebrate 50 years of restaurant innovation and growth. Taking the helm at NRN during my 12-year tenure with the brand carries great responsibility — not just in terms of carrying out NRN’s mission to inform and educate an industry, but also in terms of providing leadership to a talented team that executes on that mission and deserves recognition for it.

There is too much restaurant industry history to contain on these pages, so we offer much more online, including projections of what’s ahead for the next 50 years, looks at some of the oldest restaurant brands in the industry, and galleries of past NRN leadership award winners and industry icons. Finally, on behalf of NRN, I’d like to thank you, our audience and advertisers, for trusting us to provide information and analysis on industry trends, to connect manufacturers and operators, and to help build businesses that have contributed to the fabric of America, and the world.

While this is an NRN anniversary, it really is an industry celebration.

Sarah E. Lockyer, Editor-in-Chief
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @slockyerNRN

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