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5 ways restaurants can keep costs low and quality high

This video post is part of Sullivision on, a resource center for restaurants looking for service, leadership and sales-building techniques from industry expert and NRN columnist Jim Sullivan.

All money is not created equal. One hundred dollars in sales is $100 less in taxes and expenses. One hundred dollars in savings, on the other hand, is $100.

That's why it's important to reinforce to your team the importance of controlling costs every single day in your restaurant. After all, what you reinforce is what you'll get, and what you don’t reinforce is what you’ll lose.

Excerpted from the DVD 60 Second Lessons in Leadership, this video shares five creative ways to make certain your team is focused on the right ways to keep costs low and quality high — every single shift. It covers everything from the difference between gross profit and gross margin to why “waste-watchers” are the critical team members that every operator wants and needs.

Jim Sullivan is chief executive and founder of, which designs leadership, service and sales-building products, programs and services for the Top 200 restaurant and retail brands worldwide. Clients include McDonald’s, American Express and Walt Disney Company. More information on Sullivision and its products and services can be found at

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