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10 top performing videos of 2022

Plus, Flavor of the Week: The non dairy alternative, Almond Milk

The top performing video on Nation's Restaurant New's Youtube Channel this year was The 2022 NRN Power List. This year’s Power List featured Bryce Fluellen, Christine Hasircoglu and 48 other emerging leaders from across the restaurant industry who may not be household or even industry-wide names, but who are flexing their influence regardless through big ideas, determination and hustle. The thread connecting them isn’t just the impact of their ideas, but also the runway ahead of them to make their marks on their companies, their colleagues and the industry. 

Another top video was Tech Tracker: Robots are taking over the kitchen. NRN editors Holly Petre and Joanna Fantozzi spoke about robots in the restaurant industry, how they can automate the process and how it will impact hospitality. The biggest news to come out of that week was that Flippy, the AI fry cook used at chains like White Castle, was getting a sister called Chippy, which will be used at Chipotle, preparing its signature chips. Also, an entirely cloud-based, human-free robot restaurant was created. This set up by Nala Robotics is a robot-run cloud kitchen that can be set up in 24 hours can cook anything.

Also, the new PAW is designed to take on some of the physical labor required for high-volume wok-cooked dishes, like Panda Express’ popular fried rice and chow mein, which are produced in larger batches. Traditionally, those dishes require chefs to manually toss the ingredients over the hot wok as they are simmered together.

See what else was a top video on this year. 

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