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The year in pizza: On-trend flatbreads with low-carb crusts and multicultural toppings

The category was a major success in the pandemic, and here are some highlights

Pizza has been a runaway success during the pandemic. That should come as no surprise: Not only is it one of Americans’ favorite foods to begin with, but it is also the quintessential delivery choice — a perfect way to avoid crowds while sharing a meal with those you’re quarantined with.

So pizza concepts large and small across the country took the opportunity to innovate, hopping on other food trends and making them more portable.

The California Milk Advisory Board also jumped on the pizza trend and held a Real California Pizza Contest, for which competitors used the state’s dairy products to come up with innovative flatbread creations.

Even before the pandemic started pizza chains were rolling out new low-carb crusts. They later continued to push the boundaries of what could go on top of pizza, including curry, pan-Latin flavors and dessert.

Click through to look at some of the trendy pizzas of 2020.

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