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Pizza Hut relaunches baked pastas with new recipes

This is the first time Pizza Hut has revamped its lineup of pastas since the Yum Brands chain began offering pastas for delivery in 2008

Pizza Hut gave its pasta lineup a makeover with the introduction Thursday of new oven-baked pastas featuring revamped recipes and a lineup extension, available nationwide.

The new pastas are now made with “more premium ingredients and savory sauces” like penne pasta noodles and a new Alfredo sauce recipe. The added pasta menu options include chicken alfredo pasta (made with Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken and baked cheese), Italian meats (made with tomato sauce, pepperoni, sausage, and cheese), cheesy Alfredo (with creamy Alfredo sauce, two layers of cheese and baked Parmesan cheese on top), and veggie (tomato sauce, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, black olives and cheese).

“Customers come to Pizza Hut for best tasting pizza and new pizza innovations, but we now have pastas that are premium, great tasting and affordable for you or your family” Lindsay Morgan, CMO of Pizza Hut said in a statement. “These are my new go-to order when I’m sending lunch or dinner to friends or family.”

Pizza Hut began offering oven-baked pasta selections in 2008 with the Tuscani Pastas, featuring Meaty Marinara and Creamy Chicken Alfredo varieties, which won a Nation’s Restaurant News MenuMasters award in 2009. This new lineup will replace the classic rotini-based pastas that have been baked under the same recipes for the past 14 years.

All oven-baked pasta orders come with garlic bread or breadsticks and are available starting at $8.99 (or a double family-sized portion starting at $13.99).

This is the second menu innovation Pizza Hut has introduced in 2022, with the first being the Spicy Lover’s pizza, which was added to the menu in January and is made with spicy marinara sauce, red chili peppers, and pepper flakes.

Yum Brands seems to be all about revamping past menu classics lately: Last week, KFC reintroduced chicken nuggets, which were originally available using a different recipe during the ‘80s.

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