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Menu Tracker: New items from Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Plus innovation at Bb.q Chicken, Buona, Café Rio Mexican Grill, Freebirds World Burrito, Hooters, Miguel’s Jr., Papa Johns, PDQ, Velvet Taco and Wayback Burgers

Back in January, when the world was all atwitter about British Prince Harry’s tell-all book, Spare, Wayback Burgers, a scrappy 170-unit burger chain based in Cheshire, Conn., indicated that His Royal Highness should consider shutting his damn mouth and instead chew on The Royal Silencer, a three patty burger (the third patty was called a “spare”).

Now Wayback is at it again, mocking celebrity billionaire Elon Musk for rebranding Twitter, perhaps the best known social media brand in history, as X. The new burger has 10 patties, probably because X is the Roman numeral for 10, and costs $29.99 unless your name is Elon, in which case it’s free.

In other weird food news, chicken chain PDQ is celebrating National Chicken Tender Day with a one-day menu item, the Chicken Tender Shake.

Buona, a chain in Chicago known for its Italian Beef heroes, is now selling Nashville hot chicken, Bb.q Chicken has a new Caribbean sauce, and Velvet Taco’s Weekly Taco Feature has a sauce that combines the flavors of jerk and chimichurri.

Meanwhile, Wendy’s is now blending its beloved Frosty frozen drink with cold brew, Taco Bell is bringing back its Beefy Crunch Burrito and introducing a birria-inspired taco, and Hooters has become the first national chain to sell MTN Dew’s answer to hard seltzer

Popeyes has an Oreo cheesecake.

Freebirds World Burrito is bringing back brisket, Miguel’s Jr. has new tacos, Café Rio is reprising its pollo asado, and Papa Johns has a new spicy garlic crust.

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