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Menu Tracker: New items from Sonic Drive-In, Taco John’s, and Friendly’s

Plus innovation at Baskin-Robbins, Burgerville, Dog Haus, Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, Hot Head Burritos, Jet’s Pizza, Junior’s, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, Next Level Burger, Pei Wei Asian Kitchen, Philly Pretzel Factory, Rush Bowls, Rutter’s, Studio Movie Grill, Tacodeli, and Velvet Taco

Just because you run a restaurant chain doesn’t mean that you absolutely have to have a spicy-and-sweet menu item, but a growing number of concepts are doing it anyway. This week that includes Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, Pei Wei Asian Kitchen, and Tacodeli.

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, for its part, has a new Nashville hot chicken item.

Rutter’s has new items made with Spam, Next Level Burger has mushrooms flavored like carne asada, and Studio Movie Grill has some green drinks in celebration of the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

The pink Barbie-themed craze seems to have abated.

Baskin-Robbins is celebrating sports with a Flavor of the Month evoking ballpark snacks, Burgerville is celebrating marionberry season, and Junior’s for reasons of its own (a new Paramount+ documentary maybe, or the August 16 anniversary of his death in 1977) has a new cheesecake in honor of Elvis Presley.

Friendly’s has a new sundae, Dog Haus has a chicken tikka masala sausage, and Hot Head Burritos sells chorizo now.

Jet’s Pizza has reformulated its gluten-free crust to make it both lighter and more substantial, Philly Pretzel Factory has new pizza made with the same flour as its namesake item, and Taco John’s, no longer the sole owner of Taco Tuesday, has rolled out new burritos.

Rush Bowls is bringing back its Kreamsicle Bowl, Sonic Drive-In has Buffalo chicken bites, and Velvet Taco’s Weekly Taco Feature highlights mushrooms and asparagus.

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Correction: August 04, 2023
This gallery has been updated to clarify what part of the mushroom Meati uses to make its meatless product for Next Level Burger.
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