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Menu Tracker: New items from KFC, Taco Bell and Krystal

Plus items from Cousins Subs, Krystal, Lion’s Choice, Nékter Juice Bar, Sweetcatch Poke, Texadelphia, Velvet Taco and Yoshinoya America

The torrent of family meals, meal kits and groceries that were rolled out in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed to a trickle: This week Taco Bell has a new Cravings Pack, but it also has a standard summertime limited-time offer in the form of a frozen pineapple drink.
Lion’s Choice is also offering frozen treats for the summer, while Nékter Juice Bar is rolling out chilled bowls — one intended to boost energy, and the other to boost immunity.

KFC is apparently trying to reignite the chicken sandwich wars: It’s testing a new, bigger version of its standard sandwich (you might remember in last week’s Menu Tracker that Golden Chick also entered the fray with a new sandwich).

Velvet Taco’s Weekly Taco Feature also features fried chicken this week.

Krystal is testing a meatless slider made with Impossible Burger, Cousins Subs has introduced two Italian sandwiches and Texadelphia is leveraging its queso sauce by ladling it onto a cheesesteak sub.

Sweetcatch Poke is celebrating LGBTQ Pride month in June with a rainbow-colored bowl, and Yoshinoya America has introduced a beef barbecue bowl.

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