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Menu Tracker: New items from Hardee’s, Krystal and Bonefish Grill

Plus additions at Atomic Wings, Black Seed Bagels, Fogo de Chão, KFC Canada, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Mellow Mushroom, Modern Market Eatery, Velvet Taco, Yogurtland and Your Pie

The Black Seed Bagels “collabs” are back. The New York City chain is once again collaborating with other restaurateurs in the city for a monthly special; this time it’s an ice cream sandwich.

There are two new chicken sandwiches this week: One from Atomic Wings and one in test by Hardee’s in Columbia, S.C.; Des Moines, Iowa; and Huntsville, Ala.

Krystal has new chicken strips, Your Pie has a new chicken pizza, Mellow Mushroom has two new chicken wing sauces and KFC Canada is rolling out a chicken-free vegan sandwich.

Also in plant-based news, oat milk is now available at all Dunkin’ locations nationwide.

Bonefish Grill has launched online ordering, as well as a bunch of new surf-and-turf combinations, and it’s also bringing back a few old-timey favorites. 

Modern Market Eatery has new seasonal items as well as meal kits, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar has two new beers, and you can now get a porterhouse steak as part of your Fogo de Chão “churrasco experience.”

Yogurtland has a new dairy-free flavor, and Velvet Taco’s weekly taco feature is made with a hot dog.

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