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Menu Tracker: New items from Dunkin’, Papa Johns, and Taco Bell

Plus innovation from Chuck E. Cheese, Cowboy Chicken, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Hard Rock Cafe, Hart House, Urban Plates, and Velvet Taco

It’s a short but not insignificant Menu Tracker this week, with big news coming out of Chuck E. Cheese, which has launched its first menu targeted to adults, who are, after all, paying the bill for their kids’ shenanigans.

Cowboy Chicken is also making a big menu adjustment as it is the latest chain to launch wings.

We’re also hearing from Hart House for the first time. Celebrity Kevin Hart’s vegan concept is launching a seasonal shake (non-dairy, of course).

Hard Rock Cafe has a new cocktail in partnership with another celebrity, Dwayne Johnson, whose tequila they’re using in a seasonal Margarita.

Grimaldi’s Pizza, Urban Plates, and Dunkin’ all have seasonal lineups, and Taco Bell is swirling two of its Freeze drinks together.

Menu Tracker will not be publishing next week, but Velvet Taco will still be offering a Weekly Taco Feature, so we’re listing both of them this week.

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Correction: December 22, 2023
An error in the name of Urban Plates' Cranberry Apple Replenisher: has been corrected.
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