Menu Tracker

Menu Tracker: Editors critique restaurant show food

Join Bret Thorn and Holly Petre as they sample food at the National Restaurant Association Show


Join two Nation’s Restaurant News writers for a culinary experience like no other as they sample foods from around the country — and the world —, all without leaving Chicago.

Last month at the National Restaurant Association Show, senior food and beverage writer Bret Thorn and digital editor Holly Petre took their series Menu Tracker on the road and tested out the menu items available on the show floor.

In this installment of the monthly series, Thorn and Petre take you on a culinary journey through the show, sampling food from restaurants like Wow Bao, manufacturers like Broaster and foodservice companies like Two Rivers. They sample plant-based products, baos, beef, a fake egg, and much more.

Take this journey with Petre and Thorn and hear Thorn — a longtime foodservice industry insider — air his genuine thoughts on the food at this year’s NRA show.

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