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Taco_Bell_Volcano_Menu_Hot_Line_ft__Paris_Hilton.jpg Photo courtesy of Taco Bell
Paris Hilton is promoting the return of Taco Bell's Volcano Menu.

Taco Bell recruits Paris Hilton to promote Volcano Menu’s return

The restaurant is tapping into nostalgia by recruiting Paris Hilton to promote the Volcano Menu with her signature catchphrase, “That’s hot.”

It’s official: Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu will return nationwide June 29. Taco Bell Rewards members will have exclusive early access to the menu starting June 27.

This marks the third go-round for the menu, which has not appeared in Taco Bell restaurants since 2013. In a release in March, the company noted the menu has developed a cult-like following and fans have asked for its return via petitions and social media.

The menu, available for a limited time while supplies last, includes the Volcano Taco, Double Beef Volcano Burrito and Lava Sauce. The Volcano Taco includes seasoned beef, shredded lettuce, a three-cheese blend and Lava sauce in a red Volcano crunchy taco shell for $2.49. The Double Beef Volcano Burrito wraps seasoned rice, seasoned beef, a three-cheese blend, reduced fat sour cream, crunchy Fiesta tortilla strips and Lava sauce in a warm flour tortilla for $3.99. Customers can also add Lava Sauce to any core item for $1.

Taco Bell is offering a delivery promotion for the Volcano Menu in which DoorDash DashPass subscribers can receive a free Volcano Taco or Double Beef Volcano Burrito on orders $15 and over.  

Also to promote the menu’s return, Taco Bell has recruited Paris Hilton, revisiting her signature catchphrase, “That’s hot,” on the brand’s “first-ever hot line.” Fans can call the hot line at 1-844-THTS-HOT to hear and engage with pre-recorded messages. Among the options:

  • Press one if you’re just here for the Volcano Menu
  • Press two for advice on “sliving” from Paris
  • Press three if you want Paris to be your life coach (“If you want a hot life you have to get a hot volcano taco from taco bell. That’s just math.”
  • Press four to hear Paris’ thoughts on bangs (“no one looks good with bangs, babe”)
  • Press five for Paris to read the Volcano Menu
  • Press six for a first listen of Paris’ unreleased single, “Hot One,” out June 30
  • Press zero to hear Paris say, “That’s hot”

"We're always listening to our fans, and the extensive passion and needs of the Volcano fanbase could no longer go unmet,” Taylor Montgomery, U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, said in a statement. "Taco Bell is always looking to deliver on the 'surprise' factor for fans and build on our reputation of choosing authentic partnerships with those who are already mega-fans. So, to bring the heat for this major campaign, we called on none other than Paris Hilton. Always in-the-know of what's hot, Paris will help bring back these beloved items of the 2000s that never go out of style.”

Taco Bell has found a strong cadence with such partnerships, including a successful breakfast campaign with actor/comedian Pete Davidson, which Yum Brands CEO David Gibbs credited for driving consumer buzz and strong transaction growth late last year.

Also, with this Paris Hilton campaign, Taco Bell is tapping into nostalgia to “transport fans back to the turn of the millennium,” according to Krystal Hauserman, CMO of Paris Hilton's next-gen media company, 11:11 Media. Taco Bell is one of several brands using this marketing strategy – joining McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and more – as some researchers believe that the pandemic and other global crises have created a larger demand for comfortable/nostalgic content.

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