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Taco Bell invites consumers into its Test Kitchen

NRN picks this week's top videos

McDonald's latest utensil invention is like a fork, but with fries to pick up any toppings that may fall out of burgers and chicken sandwiches. The secret Test Kitchen in Taco Bell’s headquarters will be taking reservations early May. Carl's Jr.'s Baby Back Rib Burger includes a slab of BBQ-glazed ribs on top of a burger, along with pickles and onion tanglers. Will Denny's Grand Slam Egg’s romance with bad boy burger last forever or is it just a spring fling? Dunkin' Donuts puts its Pumpkin Munchkins in a waffle maker in a new hack.

McDonald's introduces The Frork

Taco Bell invites consumers into its Test Kitchen

How the Carl’s Jr. Baby Back Rib Burger was born

Denny's releases new Grand Slams episode

Dunkin' Donuts touts Pumpkin Munchkins Waffle Chips

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