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live mas at home II.jpg Photo courtesy of Taco Bell
Taco Bell's SOS Kit was launched to help busy students during finals season.

Taco Bell designs an ‘SOS Kit’ for students as it increases retail presence

In October, Taco Bell named Kraft Heinz is primary retail manufacturer and the companies are looking to expand the brand’s presence in the retail channel.

Taco Bell at Home, the brand’s retail division, has launched an “SOS Kit” designed to provide college students with the supplies needed to create the brand’s menu items at home.

Each kit contains a variety of Taco Bell at Home products, including new mild and hot flavored crunchy taco shells, mild, hot, Fire and Diablo sauces, and original and fajita seasoning packets. Kits will be delivered straight to students, courtesy of Amazon, while supplies last, and students will just need to add a protein or veggies to the meals. The kit also includes a spill- and stain-resistant TwinXL-sized bed sheet so students can eat from the comfort of their own beds. This addition was inspired by Taco Bell in Bed, a TikTok category that has generated nearly 15 million views. The kits were intentionally created during finals season when students are busy studying.

The SOS Kit campaign comes as Taco Bell looks to grow its retail presence. In October, Taco Bell named Kraft Heinz as its primary retail manufacturer. According to The Licensing Letter, the companies are looking to increase the number of Taco Bell products on retail shelves and expand to more channels. The partnership is also targeting new investments for marketing initiatives like this one.

“The Kraft Heinz Company and Taco Bell created the Taco Bell at Home line to bring the beloved and signature sauces, shells, seasonings and more from the most popular Taco Bell menu items straight to your home,” Megan Lang, director of Brand Communications for Taco Bell at Home, said in a statement. “Our goal is to give fans the opportunity to satisfy their Taco Bell cravings anywhere, anytime, even if there is not a restaurant location nearby – including the students who suffer from the misfortune of a Taco Bell-less campus as they prepare for final exams.”

Kits are available for $7.99 on

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