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Restaurant brands jump on the streetwear and merchandise bandwagon en masse

McDonald's, Whataburger, KFC, The Halal Guys and more release swag for the summer

This summer seemed to hold more food and merchandise collaborations than last summer, ushered in by the massive success of McDonald’s line with BTS. Restaurants from quick service to fast casual have partnered with collaborators to create phone cases, apparel, pillows, tech accessories and lifestyle items so customers and fans can wear what they like to eat.

In fact, McDonald's released a merchandise collaboration with its latest celebrity, Saweetie, just this week.

The streetwear trend of last winter and spring doesn’t seem to be dying out either. The Halal Guys have released a new collection focused on that very category with “Dad hats” and long-sleeved t-shirts aimed at Gen Z and Millennials.

Pizza Hut’s latest collaboration, while a nostalgic throwback, is also streetwear-inspired with track suits, gold chains and hats.

Summer gear has also been a trend among brands like Arby’s and Panera Bread, which both released collections with swimwear inspired by specific menu items. Panera even created a pool float.

Meanwhile, Whataburger partnered with an outdoor company in Texas for a men’s fishing collection featuring the brand’s iconic logo and colorways.

And KFC released its latest merchandise line in collaboration with Casetify that features fried chicken phone cases and accessories.

Click through the gallery to see the latest brand and fashion collaborations.

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