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Crumbl Jamie Hadfield Mrs. Utah America Kadee Jo.png YouTube
The Crumbl Cookies' "Unboxed" podcast features co-host celebrities, including Jamie Hadfield, who modeled her cookies-themed Miss Utah American costume.

Podcasts boost items and team topics at restaurant brands

Crumbl Cookies and Wingstop among companies producing audio-visual content

In today’s multi-platform world, restaurant brands are tapping podcasts as a way to reach both consumers and team members.

Dallas-based Wingstop Inc. has launched a “Say That” podcast that addresses such topics as Hispanic Heritage month and Lindon, Utah-based Crumbl Cookies has relaunched its podcast as “Crumbl Unboxed” to feature fans and new items. They are available on YouTube as well as streaming services.

“We’re excited to use this platform to showcase our unique culture, dive deep into team member stories, and learn more about the different flavors that make up the Wingstop team,” Wingstop said in announcing the podcast on LinkedIn. “Tune in on our YouTube channel or listen on Spotify (Say That – a Wingstop Podcast) to stay up-to-speed.”

The first “Say That” podcast featured Hispanic Heritage Month with Wingstop team member Natalie Calderon and Donnie Upshaw, Wingstop’s chief people officer.

Upshaw noted, “We try to bring education exposure as well as knowledge about different backgrounds with the diversity in our organization.

The podcast is posted on Wingstop’s YouTube channel or can be accessed on Spotify (Say That – a Wingstop Podcast).

Crumbl relaunched its podcast Sept. 25 with host Kadee Jo Jones and is featuring such celebrity co-hosts as professional athlete and fitness influencer Troy Warner and Jamie Hadfield, the 2023 Mrs. Utah American.

The Unboxed co-hosts share their love of cookies and rate new flavors on the podcast, which appears weekly on Mondays. Episodes last 10 to 15 minutes.

The first episode, hosted by Brelynn Bromely and Gabe Lopez, the podcast’s former hosts, rated weekly flavors and mentioned, “We will continue to do cookie reviews every single week and give you a little inside sneak peek—maybe some fun facts about the cookies you didn’t know.”

Customers were invited to comment through social-media platforms and leave reviews on the Cookie Journal, Crumbl’s cookie-rating feature on the Crumbl smartphone app.

David Stephenson, Crumbl's senior director of public relations, said: "Fortunately, we have an in-house video team that has been extremely effective in getting our project off the ground. This internal team produces all photos, video, social media and marketing, thus creating a very cohesive brand identity for customers.

"We do a weekly podcast featuring a variety of co-hosts," Stephenson said. "Producing the weekly podcast does take some organizational time as we plan, select co-hosts, develop the script outline, and prepare cookies for the weekly taste testing. We strive to reach a variety of target audiences. While we have our faithful followers on social media, we are always working to invite more customers to learn about our business model of a weekly rotating menu at Crumbl."

Wingstop, founded in 1994, has more than 2,000 locations worldwide.

Crumbl, founded in 2017, had 939 units as of Oct. 26.

Update Oct. 26, 2023: This story has been updated with details from Crumbl.

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