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Podcast: Gerry Fernandez on why diversity is essential for recruitment

MFHA president on tactics for an inclusive workforce

The weekly Extra Serving podcast shares ideas from restaurant innovators on leadership, food trends, technology and how to thrive in this tough industry that we can’t get enough of.

This week’s guest is Gerry Fernandez, president and founder of the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance. Fernandez has been featured on NRN’s Power List of the most influential people in restaurants for his dedication to making the industry a more inclusive place.

In this episode, Fernandez discusses the many reasons that a more diverse restaurant company is a more successful restaurant company.

“You have to be close to customers and give them what they want or they will go somewhere else...How do we attract talent to come to work for us?” Fernandez told NRN editor-in-chief Jenna Telesca.

He noted how closely tied diversity and recruiting employees is.

“And increasingly, with Millennials and Gen Z, if they don’t see your company doing things that would develop them, if they don’t see their upward mobility, if they don’t think this is a good place for their gay friends or their birracial friends, they won’t work for you. It’s simple as that.”

Tune in for more.

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