Must-see videos: Wendy’s adds Chicken Tenders and new sauce to menu

NRN picks this week's top videos

McDonald's offers tips for writing college application essays. Wendy's new Chicken Tenders are paired with its new sauce called a Side of S’Awesome. In the most recent episode of Taco Bell's “For Here or To Go” series, the chain has two new takes on the quesadilla. Denny's mascots The Grand Slams go road tripping. Red Robin's Gourmet Burgers' online ordering allows customers to pick up any of their favorites.

McDonald’s provides tips for writing college essays

Wendy’s adds Chicken Tenders and new sauce to menu

Taco Bell offers Quesadillas hacks

Denny's mascots promote Denny's on Demand

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers offers online ordering

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