Must-see videos: Panera turns food preservatives into fireworks

NRN picks this week's top videos

Dunkin’ Donuts promotes the new flavors with its #SummerNotSorry anthem. Panera Bread puts Sodium Benzoate, an artificial preservative found in various foods, into 200 pounds of explosive fireworks. Red Lobster unveiled new television ads for its Crabfest promotion with tweaks that signal an evolution in the brand’s two-year-old marketing approach. Three strangers went on the road to explore America and ended the tour at The Emoji Movie. Starbucks celebrated with Partners Pride.

Dunkin’ Donuts touts new coffee flavors

Panera turns food preservatives into fireworks

Red Lobster shows how to eat crab

McDonald’s ends its summer road trip series

Starbucks shows pride in London

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