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Must-see videos: McDonald's presents new buttermilk chicken tenders

NRN picks this week's top videos

Chili's has pared down its offerings, emphasizing its quality burgers, ribs and fajitas with a new version of its iconic jingle. Customers can now get flame-grilled chicken tacos at Taco Cabana. The mascot at this Chuck E. Cheese invites guests to dance with him during the month of "Chucktober." McDonald's claims its new buttermilk chicken tenders will leave grandmothers with more time to pursue other interests outside of the kitchen. Taco Bell now serves seasoned crispy chicken inside a cheesy quesadilla.

Chili’s promotes focused menu with revamped jingle

Taco Cabana introduces flame-grilled chicken tacos

Chuck E. Cheese mascot dances to Halloween-themed song

McDonald's presents new buttermilk chicken tenders

Taco Bell offers $5 Crispy Chicken Quesadilla Box

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