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KFC picks unknown actor as latest Colonel

KFC picks unknown actor as latest Colonel

Low-price actor Christopher Boyer to play ‘Value Colonel’

KFC has tapped an unknown actor to play the Colonel in its latest advertising campaign.

Christopher Boyer (left), a relatively unknown actor, will play the role of the “Value Colonel” in television ads based on the hook that, by saving money on actors, the Louisville, Ky.-based chain can pass the savings on to customers.

In advertising spots starting Dec. 28, the Value Colonel will be promoting items such as a discounted pot pie for $3.99 and various $5 Fill Up combinations.

The pot pie, made with chicken, diced potatoes, peas and carrots in a sauce, baked in a pie crust, will be available at that price through Jan. 27 and then return to its suggested price of $4.29.

The $5 Fill Up is an ongoing promotion and includes choice of entrée, mashed potatoes, drink and chocolate chip cookie.

Boyer follows an array of well-known actors — including Billy Zane, Rob Lowe and Ray Liotta — each of whom promoted a specific item or group of items.

Although considerably less famous than his predecessors, Boyer, age 57, does have a few credits to his name, according to the Internet Movie Database, or IMDB, including the role of Robert E. Lee in the 2012 film Lincoln, Arnold Cragmeyer in the 1996-1999 TV series L.A. Heat, and a senator in the 2014 film 300: Rise of an Empire.

“After casting a wide net to find our next Colonel — everywhere from big shot Hollywood agents to postings on job boards and even Craigslist — we were pleasantly surprised when we found Boyer,” KFC U.S. Director of Advertising George Felix said in a press release. “Much like the Colonel, he’s held a lot of forgettable roles before becoming the world’s most famous chicken salesman. Heck, he even auditioned for the role of the Colonel several years ago, and we didn’t remember him.”

Boyle originally auditioned for the Colonel Sanders role in 2015 when KFC started casting for its rotating Colonel campaign, according to KFC.

“When I was preparing to audition for the Colonel role in 2015, I dug out my string tie from the back of my closet and looked up Harland Sanders on the Internet,” Boyle said in the release. “That’s when I first found out about the Colonel’s incredible life story, so I donned an accent for the audition and gave it my best shot. Now two years later, I am very grateful to be playing the role as the common man’s Colonel.”

Based in Louisville, Ky., KFC is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., and has more than 20,500 locations in 125 countries and territories.

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