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7 sales-boosting contests for restaurant employees

This video post is part of Sullivision on, a resource center for restaurants looking for service, leadership and sales-building techniques from industry expert and NRN columnist Jim Sullivan.

One of the best ways to drive more incremental sales in a full-service restaurant is to design and execute effective server and cook sales contests during busy — and slower — shifts. However, many restaurant operators struggle with choosing and applying these contests.

This short video (at left) outlines for operators and managers how to successfully leverage contests with restaurant employees to raise sales and improve service. The video details seven easy and creative sales contests to help waitstaff jump-start sales and energize their service. From the classic Sales Bingo to the clever Floating Ten, you’ll learn smart ways to help your servers (and kitchen crew, too) work toward excellence together.

The video is excerpted from the DVD 60 Second Lessons in Leadership, which is available at and Amazon.

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