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The Indie Power List: 5 independent restaurant owners who found new ways to serve a changed consumer

These operators retooled throughout the pandemic and are on the path to thriving.

Through the heartache of the lingering pandemic, restaurant operators have looked for ways to not only steer around each challenge thrown their way, but also to reinvent their operations to accommodate the evolved demands of the American consumer.

With this Power List, the Restaurant Hospitality editorial team set out to find examples of owner/operators that have done just that.

We found operators who are creating new dining spaces — and new opportunities for entrepreneurs — within food halls and other large-format real estate developments. We found some who are building community to help their cities recover. We found some who are fighting for a more equitable industry, and others who are reaching success with true authenticity.

Success is about more than profitability, but these operators have found a way to survive as a business as they reach bigger goals and position their companies for the future.

Meet the Indie Power List, five independent operators on the path to “thrive.”

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