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A History of Passion for Quality Products and Services

A History of Passion for Quality Products and Services

<p>Monin Gourmet Flavorings, the world&rsquo;s leading provider of premium syrups and flavoring products, has a history of quality and innovation dating back to 1912. Sponsored by Monin.</p>

French entrepreneur Georges Monin loved to cook and entertain for his family and friends.  As a self-proclaimed flavor enthusiast, he wanted to serve an after-dinner drink that was equally as delectable as the dinner he created, but Georges could not find anything on the market that was up to his standards.  Georges then realized that impactful flavor was missing from so many of the beverages he drank.  Determined, he set out to find vibrant fruits and herbs and created a method to craft his own flavorings for cordials, water and coffee.  Georges continued to develop a spectrum of exciting flavors and began bottling and selling them from a horse and cart in Bourges, France.  Three generations later, and still family-owned and operated, Monin has built an international company renowned for its quality products, innovative solutions and exceptional customer service.

Over the past century, the company has steadily increased its international reach while remaining a business anchored by its heritage and family values.  Georges Monin’s son, Paul, became the president of Monin in 1945 and expanded the export business throughout Europe and the Caribbean.  When Paul transferred the company to his son Olivier in 1992, Monin experienced explosive growth into the global markets of North and South America, Asia and the Middle East.

With offices and manufacturing facilities in Florida, France and Malaysia and additional offices as widespread as Dubai and Shanghai, Monin’s distribution system to more than 145 countries is second to none.  Monin’s operation in Clearwater, Florida is the North American headquarters - home to the Flavor Innovation Center, a state-of-art manufacturing plant, and a distribution facility which services 25 countries in the Americas and the Caribbean. 

The Flavor Innovation Center acts as a space for Monin Chefs and Beverage Innovation Directors to work alongside customers to develop custom menus and seasonal, on-trend recipes.  The team provides full service support from ideation to implementation.

Today, Monin offers an imaginative range of flavoring solutions including premium syrups, gourmet sauces, fruit purees, and fruit smoothie mixes.   Monin can be used anywhere there is a flavoring opportunity from iced tea and lemonade to specialty coffees, cocktails, and endless culinary applications.

Monin is poised to continue this history of quality and innovation through the next century.  Their unique Flavor Forward Process allows them to identify trends and the next big flavor through tracking qualitative and quantitative research globally.  This process, along with customer screening and taste tests, helps them develop products that today’s customers crave such as Cookie Butter, Hawaiian Island and Yuzu.

Through innovation, quality and passion, Monin continually strives to be the single source provider for all of your flavoring needs.  For more information on Monin visit

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