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Cousins Maine Lobster began franchising in 2014 and the deal marks their first multi-unit franchise sale.

Existing Cousins Maine Lobster New York City franchisee Yunus Shahul captures available market in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. in multi-unit franchise deal

Cousins Maine Lobster, leading food truck concept and provider of Maine lobster rolls, announces expansion into Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C, bringing six food trucks to the region over the next 18 months. Cousins Maine Lobster began franchising in 2014 and the deal marks their first multi-unit franchise sale.

Yunus Shahul joined the Cousins Maine Lobster Franchise Family when he launched his first food truck in Connecticut in September 2018. Six months later, Shahul added a second truck dedicated to New York City. For expansion into the DMV market, Yunus will partner with his brother, Thameem. The brothers have worked together for the last four years as Yunus grew his operations in New York and southern New England. Yunus currently owns and operates five trucks across his territories.

"We have been very successful in New York. We saw the success of our peers in Philadelphia and New Jersey. We are confident we will find the same success in the DMV," Yunus explained. "We are committed to investing in this market with the goal of building the same strong customer base that we have in our established markets."

Cousins Maine Lobster operates fifty trucks in twenty states and maintains a tight-knit group of franchisees. "Our growth has been measured and strategic," explained Jim Tselikis, Cousins Maine Lobster co-founder. "Not only has Yunus grown with Cousins Maine Lobster, but Cousins Maine Lobster has grown with Yunus. We truly believe that our strength is in our franchisees and we are thrilled to move into Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. with the Shahul brothers at the helm."

For more information on Cousins Maine Lobster franchise opportunities, visit or call 207-387-2707.

About Cousins Maine Lobster

Founded in 2012 by real-life cousins and Mainers, Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac, Cousins Maine Lobster began with a food truck and a shared vision to extend the highest-quality Maine lobster to the lobster-starved masses by making it affordable and accessible. After appearing on Shark Tank a few months later, Jim & Sabin partnered with Barbara Corcoran and began franchising, partnering with local entrepreneurs to bring Maine lobster to over 40 cities nationwide.

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