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Domino’s Pizza expands its GPS tracking technology for pizza delivery nationwide

Domino’s Pizza will expand its GPS tracking technology systemwide by the end of 2020

Following an initial pilot program this April select markets in Arizona, Seattle, Virginia, and Michigan, Domino’s Pizza is expanding its GPS tracking technology for delivery drivers nationwide. The program — which is meant to compete with third-party delivery operators — will be expanded to all franchisees systemwide by 2020.

The new feature allows customers to see the location and status of their order on an interactive map. Additionally, customers that opt into receiving text alerts will receive two SMS notifications: when their order is two minutes away and when it has arrived.

On the operational side, store managers are able to view where their delivery drivers are out on the road – thereby creating the ability to use in-store resources to troubleshoot problems between the making of and delivery of an order.

Drivers meanwhile are able to use the GPS technology to help with navigation and contact their customers with one-touch callback capabilities.

“We think the technology gives customers, delivery experts and managers more transparency and a better delivery experience, which is beneficial for everyone,” a Domino’s representative told Nation’s Restaurant News.

Currently, the GPS tracking technology is available at stores in Domino’s corporate-owned markets, including Phoenix, Houston, Salt Lake City, Miami, Las Vegas, Baltimore and the Norfolk, Virginia region.

This technology push is just one of the ways that Domino’s is racing to keep up with aggressive third-party delivery competitors.

During a second quarter earnings call in July, the Ann Arbor, Mich.-based company’s CEO Ritch Allison cited “aggressive activity from third-party delivery aggregators” as putting pressure on same-store sales.”

“We have got to be the best at getting to the door on time every time, and we currently have a big push internally to take service to the next level,” Allison said at the time.

As of Sept. 8, Domino’s has 16,528 stores globally.

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