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What will 2020 taste like? Les Dames D’Escoffier International Trends Report 2020 identifies 10 tantalizing flavor trends

Tangy, sour and sweetly comforting flavors will play parts on American food scene, according to new trend report from influential women’s culinary group. Check out 10 of the best new flavors you may not have tasted…and a couple that you know and love already.

Les Dames d’Escoffier is a philanthropic organization of professional women leaders in the food service industry with over 2,400 members around the world. For Les Dames D’Escoffier International Trends Report 2020, 192 Dames were surveyed, asked both yes-or-no and open-ended questions on food industry topics such as food service and restaurants, catering, retail, events, agriculture and more, part of an effort to gather comparable data about the food industry’s current and emerging trends.

The survey uncovered a topic of special interest: Which specific flavors can we expect to taste in 2020? Les Dames looked at regions of the world in a micro-focused way, pondered piri piri, chatted about chaga tea and sang the praises of sinigang. The report assured us that one thing 2020 won’t be is bland.

“2020 is going to tantalize our taste buds with flavors from all over the globe,” according to the report. “From bitter to sour, berry sweet to tropical, our palate will not get bored. Add to that familiar tastes like chocolate and caramel that will sweeten and comfort our senses.”

Here's a look at 10 flavors to implement on your menus in 2020.

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