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Podcast: Nation’s Restaurant News senior editors talk about the trends to expect in 2020 for food and beverages both in and out of restaurants

From adaptogens to plant-based meats to eco-friendly packaging, the year ahead is sure to be flavorful and inventive

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On this episode of Extra Serving, we continue our trend predictions for 2020 with two of our senior editors, Lisa Jennings and Bret Thorn.

We’ve covered tech, food, operations and overall trends so far but never with this much detail.

They spoke earlier about what to expect for 2020 in terms of food and beverages, including some things that may just be fads. Though they’re on opposite coasts, our editors seem to have come to a consensus about what we should prepare for in the next year. In years past, they’ve been spot on so it’s worth a listen.

Here’s some related reading based on our coverage throughout the year and to give some more information on the things discussed on the podcast:

Contact Lisa at [email protected]

Find her on Twitter: @livetodineout

Contact Bret at [email protected]

Find him on Twitter: @FoodWriterDiary

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