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In the Mix: 2023 trend predictions, reasons for restaurant optimism, pickleball as a concept & more


On the latest episode of In the Mix, the newest video series from Nation’s Restaurant News, beverage directors adjust their inventories to pandemic-era drinkers. Whether it's selling off wine cellars at fire-sale prices, creating elaborate cocktails to go, or simply learning to do more with less, beverage directors have been asked to do everything under the sun to keep their operations afloat. These shifts have fundamentally altered the way they approach their work, how their wine lists are composed and presented, and how their decisions reverberate throughout the business.

Also, several new eatertainment concepts are popping up or quickly growing, and they all equally prioritize activities, the experience, and the menu. According to Datassential, this new iteration could make 2023 a very big year for the category. The company notes, “humans are social creatures and need a third place — a place beyond home and work — more than ever. A new generation of restaurant, retail and eatertainment concepts can fulfill that need for a place to get work done, go on dates, engage with the community, and have a meal with friends and family. … After a few sobering, serious years, it's time to get a little weird and playful again.”

Plus, senior editor Joanna Fantozzi talks about her thoughts and predictions on hybrid ghost kitchens – kitchens that you can place an order through an app as well as visit in person to pick up food, without seating options. 

All that and much more in this month’s edition of In the Mix. 

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