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Map: McDonald’s all-day breakfast pits muffins against biscuits

Map: McDonald’s all-day breakfast pits muffins against biscuits

A look at where the chain will serve McMuffins or biscuit sandwiches

Source: McDonald's

Source: McDonald's

Maybe the Mason-Dixon line should be renamed the Biscuit-McMuffin line.

McDonald’s Corp. will launch its highly anticipated all-day breakfast on Tuesday, although it’s already available in many markets. The Oak Brook, Ill.-based quick-service chain will offer a limited version of its breakfast menu with the nine most popular items all day long. That includes either McMuffin sandwiches or biscuit sandwiches, but not both. Which sandwich will be offered will depend on which is most popular in that market.

The geography of biscuit popularity is not surprising. McMuffins rule in most of the country, except for a Biscuit Belt through Appalachia, from West Virginia through the Carolinas and Kentucky and down through most of Arkansas and Louisiana.

Do you agree with McDonald’s decision to base menu item selection on geography? Let us know in the comments below.

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